Monday, December 27, 2010

Oh I ADORE you!!

I am an EBAY an extent.  I have been watching videos of people how show their amazing deals off of EBay, and one day, I got brave! 

"I carefully make my way onto the site, click there....and  low and behold!!
Then the thrill of the chase!!!
Do I bid?  How much do I bid?  Do I Bid high and hope it goes low??  oooohhh ooohhhh oohhhh...the anticipation!!!
I type in a figure and click send...OH NO!!  OUTBID ALREADY???? 
Sigh...I type in another figure..AH HA!!!  Bid accepted.
...tick tock tick much longer until the auction ends??
Do I REALLY need this??..Could I get it cheaper??  HMMM.
One more fingers type in my final offer (for now) and SEND



Yea....I think this might be a problem!  LOL  But seriously..I got some great deals..  I just got a parcel for an auction of 7 Tim Holtz Visual Artistry Stamps...Flights of Fancy, Lost & Found, French Market, The Journey, Life's Possibilities, Regal Flourish and Urban Grunge.  I won the Auction with a bid of $26.00.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???  I googled and these are worth between 10.00 and 16.00 each!!  ME HAPPY!!! 
I also got some charms and other goodies.... 

Back to Ebay.....tee hee!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas.....

Christmas Eve and we are getting ready for our gift opening in a few hours.  Hubby is working tomorrow, so with just adults this year..we are celebrating tonight.  The day is spent basically snacking, chatting and watching movies on will prolly be the same!

So from our house to yours..Best of the Season and All the Best for 2011.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Ramble Ramble.... :)

December 20th already...(actually, December has been creeping along like a slug for me)....It isn't that I WANT Christmas to be over, but my daughter and grandson are supposed ( notice I said supposed) to come visit in January, and I am far more excited about that than anything else. So I guess I am sorta overlooking the 'joy of the season' and good tidings and all that, and I just want to get to the spot where I get to cuddle that baby again!  Hubby swears this year I am "channeling my inner Scrooge!"

I went to the mall and out in under 20 minutes...knew what I needed, where they were..walked straight to the shelves, grabbed them and then stood in line for 11 minutes....if that isn't some sort of a record for a female shopper at Christmas.....I don't know what is!!!  Men all over America should be in AWE of me!!   LMAO!!!  ( damn I am funny!!!!!)

I have been busy getting all the little handmade Christmas gifts done and finished.  I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.  I have a few recipients that are scrappers and some that are not, so some gifts are quite elaborate, and some very plain and serviceable!  Can you guess which ones I had more fun making??  A dear friend has her birthday in January, and I have been working on her mini for quite a few days...I think I finally have it done..I just need to put a few charms together and find the right fibers and it too will be ready to ship.

I have purchased a few things off Ebay, but the whole process still is a little confusing to me...I watch videos of people who have multiple things from the same seller and I still have not figured out how you just put everything onto one order?  If anyone can tell me in 'dummied-down' English, I would be most appreciative!!!

Happy Monday all!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Company is Coming!!

My good friend Jeanni from B.C. is on her way for an extended long weekend visit!!  And I cannot wait!!  It will be great to have her here!  I have  the hid-a-bed made up, the scrap table cleared and set up, supplies have been bought, organized and most importantly...I stocked up on coffee and wine!  LOL  It will be great to have marathon scrapping mixed with chatting and laughter.......a perfect weekend if you ask me!

On a different note, here it is December 16th, and my house looks the same as it did weeks ago!!  The urge to decorate for the holidays has not yet made it's presence known!  And to a degree, I am fine with that.  Hubby and I differ on tree selection, I prefer trees that come out of boxes, and he prefers one that can be turned into boxes!  But here is the kicker!  While he WANTS a live tree, he sure can bitch and moan about the tree not staying straight in the stand, or the fact that he doesn't 'like' having to move everything out from under the tree to water it every few days, nor does he appreciate the almost constant vacuuming of needles that is associated with a live tree..BUT..and apparently it is a big but  THEY SMELL GOOD!     (oh lordie)
And with the puppy, I am not keen to put out decorations and what not, just to have Finnigan ingest the suckers!!

Speaking of Finnigan..... at 4 months, he is really turning into a good looking lad....sweet and loveable, but I swear, he is either challenged in the intelligence department, OR he is so smart, he is playing me!!  Either way...he is a handful.

To be fair, I should add a pic of Briar as well.... She is 18 months and such a doll..... She made owing and training a Border Collie seem so easy!!  She has got directional whistles down pat (it is me that messes up) and I swear she has learned what B-A-L_lIn the New Year, Briar and I will get a bit more serious with the Agility training, while Finnigan starts on herding.  Stay tuned

Monday, December 13, 2010

I hate to be the one to say "I Told You So"....but.............

and I am telling MYSELF that!!   Sheeesh..
My scrapbook room is a multi-purpose room to say the least! My desk holds my crafting, my computer, my coorespondance (fancy-assed name for BILLS!!) and the guest bed is in here as well. I am not a 'tidy' crafter to say the least....I have a few projects on the go on the desk, another sitting on the back of the couch...I have a basket in the corner with a few more things... Not only that, but I have packs of paper here....there....and most often in between!!! And at any given time, I have two rowdy Border Collies and a pissed off cat roaming underfoot.  CHAOS!  
I keep telling myself, I need to really get my ass in gear and not only clean up all my stuff and put it away, as well as clear off the top of the desk so I can SEE it, and it would be a good idea to organize it too before something happens......  

sigh......something happened.

I was surfing the information hyway, blissfully enjoying that first cup of steaming caffinated goodness, when said Border Collies decided to REALLY piss of the cat and chase him into the room...double teaming him all the way.  Finnigan( puppy) zigged left, Briar( older puppy) zigged right, and Hemi (said pissed off feline) took an alternate route, right onto the desk and sideswipped my coffee cup!!!

HOT BROWN WET LIQUID ALL OVER MY 90% FINISHED MINI!!!! I even need to tell you what I will be doing today?????        le'sigh

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I got a phone call last night from my beautiful daughter who lives in Northern Alberta..... Her boyfriend proposed and they are officially ENGAGED!!!  I spoke to Jay after failing to decipher Haylie's jabbering/happy sobbing/ laughing and screaming ( hmmm perhaps she was a bit excited???) and got the rest of the story from him...

He works with oil rigs and whatnot and is gone in camps for long stretches of time, so about 11 am, he was told was heading home.  Between then and 1:30 when he called Haylie top tell her to dress up and be ready by 5:30 he had arranged a babysitter, got reservations and contacted the jeweller that he would be stopping in to get the ring...( that boy thinks on his feet!!!)  To make a long story short...things didn't go as planned at the resturant so he actually proposed when they got home!  He said he asked her to be his wife, she broke into tears and said yes, hugged him and then screamed "WHERE IS MY PHONE I HAVE TO CALL MOM!!!!!"   (did my heart good knowing she wanted me to be the first to know!!)

There is no rush to the alter..which gives me time to lose my 'depression' weight! ;)  but I am soo excited and happy for them both.  I knew the first time I met Jay he had that special something and I know my daughter has found the man she will love and who will love her.....  (yep..kinda teary eyed here!)

ok...going to look for more Kleenex!!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Posting Anew

oke we go....

Tracy at Tracy's Treasures urged me to just start writing and something would happen!  So here I go.

Some background.... I am 45, married 2 years to my hubby, a recent immigrant from Canada, a proud mother of two wonderful kids who really are, the best things i ever did with my life, and a GRAMMIE to Mr Jackson Ryan...the cutest, most wonderful, simply amazing baby in the entire world!! ( yea...that was a little too much huh???)

Moving on....I am now living in Washington state after moving from Victoria, B.C. (where I moved to after leaving a small town in Northern BC!)  I have had a lot to adapt to, meaning the people and whatnot, not so much the geographical location.  I prefer cities and suburbs..I like having things at my ready...if I should need them.  The hardest thing about the move was leaving the kids, but they are both grown and living their lives in northern Alberta.

Hmmm...I have a cat Hemi.( 8 years).and two Border Collies..Briar who is 18 months and Finnigan who is 4 months.  They are siblings from different litters.  They keep me busy and my mind off of other things! In fact..Briar is in my profile pic...

A funny story about the dog's names.... both are named after CANADIAN things....  "Briar" is from the Tim Horton Brier..and Finnigan...well..hello Mr DressUp!! (for those not Canadian and old...Mr DressUp was a children show and a true Canadian Icon  RIP Ernie.)

 Prepare yourselves for a lot of rambling about the dogs. (as long as I don't turn into crazy dog lady we are good)

Moving on...I scrapbook... i have been scrapping since around 1995 and right now...I am totally all over the mini book craze! 

ok....that is enough useless info for one day......  thanks!!! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Blog Entry...

I really do not have any idea for the direction i want this blog to for now...i think i will leave it as is....a blank page waiting for inspiration.......