Friday, February 11, 2011

One Year....Already

Today is one full year, 365 days, since I crossed the border at the Peace Arch, handed over my immigration papers to the Officers and began living in the US as a Permanent Resident.
Moving to a new city is hard enough, but add moving to a new country and it was an adjustment.  Both my kids had already left home, and were set in their 'grown-up' lives, but that didn't mean that the realization that their Mom now lived in another country, and that trips back and forth to see them would be costly wouldn't cross my mind, because it did, and it still does. 

And now my daughter has a beautiful little baby boy who was a mere 3 weeks old last I held him.  Jackson is now 7 months old, sitting up, eating solids, giggling and hamming it up to the Skype camera for Grammie and Papa. How I miss that baby!  Haylie does her best to send daily pictures and reports...but I can't wait to hold all my babies in my arms again!

Meeting people and starting up conversations didn't seem as easy here as it was in Canada.  This is the BIG CITY and people have lives..busy lives, and they seldom seem to be able to slow down and let new people in.  I say a little prayer for dogs and scrapbooking, becks that is how I have met the group of ladies I am honoured to call friends., I have a great group of ladies that I craft with, a few ladies I walk dogs with, and a special relocated Canadian" friend that I have coffee with and is always available to lend an ear when needed.  Thanks to these ladies,  the homesickness isn't so bad!

My husband asked me if I regretted marrying him and moving here, leaving Canada, leaving my family, leaving my friends..and moving to a new country, new state, new town and starting basically over again.

One look in his eyes, and I knew I could never regret falling in love with being with him and 'moving away', not leaving family, friends and country, is something I would do again in a heartbeat!

This may not be my Homeland, but it is my home now.
Now, pass the poutine and the Maple Syrup and turn on the Hockey game EH!


  1. So glad you met and have some good friends there.
    I can't even imagine my girls moving out of the house never mind a different province or a new country.
    Hugs to you, my Canadian friend. Hope you have a good weekend, eh :)

  2. Hey there. Came looking for a new post ;)

    I have a blog award for you on my blog ;)

  3. OK, Canadian Wynn. I found you through Tracy's blog. My heart bleeds for you. I know what you are going through. I gave up my country, my family for the man I love. I moved from London, Ont. to Montana. I was so lonely here for a long time. I couldn't even work in my profession-I am a RN. Montana made it so hard for me to get relicensed here. That is a totally different post. I have been here for 25 years and Canada is still my home. We had planned to move to Canada when we retired, but now I don't want to leave my grandchildren that are here. But life moves on and one does adjust. I work here now and have friends that I met through scrapbooking. Just wanted you to know you are not alone and I am thinking of you. Big hugs. Leslee in MT

  4. Thanks Tracy...but how do I put an award on my blog!! Oh how embarrassing!!!!