Saturday, January 1, 2011


Welcome to a New Year. 
Hmm.. I still don't know if I should be wary, apprehensive, nervous or excited!  The last few years have been emotional and mental roller coasters, this year I am thinking it would be nice to skip the carnival and just chill.

I have a friend here and we are doing a daily journal for the month of January...trying to give ourselves and each other some much needed support and the occasional "YOU GO GIRL" when we really need it.  So this forum may be my journal..depends what I want to share! 

But the first goal I have is to try and see the positive in situations before the negative.  I tend to do that a lot, and more so over the last 5 years....  frankly..i don't trust people or certain situations.  That happens when you have been repeatedly kicked in the teeth by people whom you thought you knew and you thought were in your corner so to speak.  and it is worse when you realize that family members not only knew, but helped with the betrayal.  Hard enough to forgive the one who did the hurt, let alone the masses who were helping. I was in counselling for a few years and have come to the conclusion that I prolly need to go back again.  I am okay with that..but having to explain the whole reasoning to 'others'...that is an entirely new issue.  but with my resolve ( still newly forming I assure you)  I will continue forward. we go....

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  1. Sorry you went throught so much crap, but it will make you a stronger person.
    I am "my cup is half full", can you tell. Hubby is "half empty" kind of guy. He said the only reason his is, is because I gave him some of my cup, lol.
    My blog is like my journal. I have always kept one. Now my journal is my blog.
    2010 I found out a friend didn't value our friendship as much as I did. It has changed because of it. You know after I shed some tears and annalized it, I found out that I was more committed and was there for her, her, not so much. I am ok with that now, but it took a bit.
    Don't know what happened to you, but you will get to a place where it won't hurt as much.
    Wow this is a post in itself, LOL.