Thursday, December 16, 2010

Company is Coming!!

My good friend Jeanni from B.C. is on her way for an extended long weekend visit!!  And I cannot wait!!  It will be great to have her here!  I have  the hid-a-bed made up, the scrap table cleared and set up, supplies have been bought, organized and most importantly...I stocked up on coffee and wine!  LOL  It will be great to have marathon scrapping mixed with chatting and laughter.......a perfect weekend if you ask me!

On a different note, here it is December 16th, and my house looks the same as it did weeks ago!!  The urge to decorate for the holidays has not yet made it's presence known!  And to a degree, I am fine with that.  Hubby and I differ on tree selection, I prefer trees that come out of boxes, and he prefers one that can be turned into boxes!  But here is the kicker!  While he WANTS a live tree, he sure can bitch and moan about the tree not staying straight in the stand, or the fact that he doesn't 'like' having to move everything out from under the tree to water it every few days, nor does he appreciate the almost constant vacuuming of needles that is associated with a live tree..BUT..and apparently it is a big but  THEY SMELL GOOD!     (oh lordie)
And with the puppy, I am not keen to put out decorations and what not, just to have Finnigan ingest the suckers!!

Speaking of Finnigan..... at 4 months, he is really turning into a good looking lad....sweet and loveable, but I swear, he is either challenged in the intelligence department, OR he is so smart, he is playing me!!  Either way...he is a handful.

To be fair, I should add a pic of Briar as well.... She is 18 months and such a doll..... She made owing and training a Border Collie seem so easy!!  She has got directional whistles down pat (it is me that messes up) and I swear she has learned what B-A-L_lIn the New Year, Briar and I will get a bit more serious with the Agility training, while Finnigan starts on herding.  Stay tuned

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  1. Yeah for your friend coming for a scrapping visit, so fun.
    I too have not really gotten into the swing of things. Not sure why? and I too am not really worried about it, so NOT like me.
    Your puppy is so cute.
    Enjoy your girls weekend.