Monday, December 13, 2010

I hate to be the one to say "I Told You So"....but.............

and I am telling MYSELF that!!   Sheeesh..
My scrapbook room is a multi-purpose room to say the least! My desk holds my crafting, my computer, my coorespondance (fancy-assed name for BILLS!!) and the guest bed is in here as well. I am not a 'tidy' crafter to say the least....I have a few projects on the go on the desk, another sitting on the back of the couch...I have a basket in the corner with a few more things... Not only that, but I have packs of paper here....there....and most often in between!!! And at any given time, I have two rowdy Border Collies and a pissed off cat roaming underfoot.  CHAOS!  
I keep telling myself, I need to really get my ass in gear and not only clean up all my stuff and put it away, as well as clear off the top of the desk so I can SEE it, and it would be a good idea to organize it too before something happens......  

sigh......something happened.

I was surfing the information hyway, blissfully enjoying that first cup of steaming caffinated goodness, when said Border Collies decided to REALLY piss of the cat and chase him into the room...double teaming him all the way.  Finnigan( puppy) zigged left, Briar( older puppy) zigged right, and Hemi (said pissed off feline) took an alternate route, right onto the desk and sideswipped my coffee cup!!!

HOT BROWN WET LIQUID ALL OVER MY 90% FINISHED MINI!!!! I even need to tell you what I will be doing today?????        le'sigh


  1. First Congrats on your daughter's engagement!! Second...OMG....and I thought I had a bad day! Did you get things cleaned up?? Salvage any of the mini?? So sad.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I love reading what people write! And I'm with you...I sure hope the kids don't get my Pink EYE!! Hugs, Stacy H-W

  2. Ohhh no!
    I hope your mini can be salvaged. I know how much work they are and how special they are. Now that really sucks.