Sunday, December 12, 2010


I got a phone call last night from my beautiful daughter who lives in Northern Alberta..... Her boyfriend proposed and they are officially ENGAGED!!!  I spoke to Jay after failing to decipher Haylie's jabbering/happy sobbing/ laughing and screaming ( hmmm perhaps she was a bit excited???) and got the rest of the story from him...

He works with oil rigs and whatnot and is gone in camps for long stretches of time, so about 11 am, he was told was heading home.  Between then and 1:30 when he called Haylie top tell her to dress up and be ready by 5:30 he had arranged a babysitter, got reservations and contacted the jeweller that he would be stopping in to get the ring...( that boy thinks on his feet!!!)  To make a long story short...things didn't go as planned at the resturant so he actually proposed when they got home!  He said he asked her to be his wife, she broke into tears and said yes, hugged him and then screamed "WHERE IS MY PHONE I HAVE TO CALL MOM!!!!!"   (did my heart good knowing she wanted me to be the first to know!!)

There is no rush to the alter..which gives me time to lose my 'depression' weight! ;)  but I am soo excited and happy for them both.  I knew the first time I met Jay he had that special something and I know my daughter has found the man she will love and who will love her.....  (yep..kinda teary eyed here!)

ok...going to look for more Kleenex!!!

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  1. Yeah I am your first follower. I love being first.
    Congrats to your daughter!!!

    If I knew you were thinking of getting rid of your punches. I sure as shit would have talked you out of it, teehee.