Saturday, December 11, 2010

Posting Anew

oke we go....

Tracy at Tracy's Treasures urged me to just start writing and something would happen!  So here I go.

Some background.... I am 45, married 2 years to my hubby, a recent immigrant from Canada, a proud mother of two wonderful kids who really are, the best things i ever did with my life, and a GRAMMIE to Mr Jackson Ryan...the cutest, most wonderful, simply amazing baby in the entire world!! ( yea...that was a little too much huh???)

Moving on....I am now living in Washington state after moving from Victoria, B.C. (where I moved to after leaving a small town in Northern BC!)  I have had a lot to adapt to, meaning the people and whatnot, not so much the geographical location.  I prefer cities and suburbs..I like having things at my ready...if I should need them.  The hardest thing about the move was leaving the kids, but they are both grown and living their lives in northern Alberta.

Hmmm...I have a cat Hemi.( 8 years).and two Border Collies..Briar who is 18 months and Finnigan who is 4 months.  They are siblings from different litters.  They keep me busy and my mind off of other things! In fact..Briar is in my profile pic...

A funny story about the dog's names.... both are named after CANADIAN things....  "Briar" is from the Tim Horton Brier..and Finnigan...well..hello Mr DressUp!! (for those not Canadian and old...Mr DressUp was a children show and a true Canadian Icon  RIP Ernie.)

 Prepare yourselves for a lot of rambling about the dogs. (as long as I don't turn into crazy dog lady we are good)

Moving on...I scrapbook... i have been scrapping since around 1995 and right now...I am totally all over the mini book craze! 

ok....that is enough useless info for one day......  thanks!!! 


  1. Oh my stars you are in Washington State. ME TOO! I live in the "other" Where are you? Dogs are the best! And Collies are the S&S of dogs - Smart and Sweet.

  2. P.S. Yep, I used paper bags :). That was only my third album, and I really appreciate your kind words. I hope to grow up and do albums like Tracy does!

  3. LOL at mrsmorris comment. Your albums rock Kim.
    Thank you for the shout out. But I love to say I told you so, so here it goes "I told you so" LOL.
    Love your Header
    And who you calling old. Mr. Dressup rocked. He probably was the first person to encourage me to create. He used toliet paper rolls for everything. He would be proud of all the TP minis out there right now ;)

  4. That man could draw!!! Although the older I got the more I realized how much Casey whined!!!!!