Monday, December 20, 2010

Ramble Ramble.... :)

December 20th already...(actually, December has been creeping along like a slug for me)....It isn't that I WANT Christmas to be over, but my daughter and grandson are supposed ( notice I said supposed) to come visit in January, and I am far more excited about that than anything else. So I guess I am sorta overlooking the 'joy of the season' and good tidings and all that, and I just want to get to the spot where I get to cuddle that baby again!  Hubby swears this year I am "channeling my inner Scrooge!"

I went to the mall and out in under 20 minutes...knew what I needed, where they were..walked straight to the shelves, grabbed them and then stood in line for 11 minutes....if that isn't some sort of a record for a female shopper at Christmas.....I don't know what is!!!  Men all over America should be in AWE of me!!   LMAO!!!  ( damn I am funny!!!!!)

I have been busy getting all the little handmade Christmas gifts done and finished.  I am quite pleased with the way they turned out.  I have a few recipients that are scrappers and some that are not, so some gifts are quite elaborate, and some very plain and serviceable!  Can you guess which ones I had more fun making??  A dear friend has her birthday in January, and I have been working on her mini for quite a few days...I think I finally have it done..I just need to put a few charms together and find the right fibers and it too will be ready to ship.

I have purchased a few things off Ebay, but the whole process still is a little confusing to me...I watch videos of people who have multiple things from the same seller and I still have not figured out how you just put everything onto one order?  If anyone can tell me in 'dummied-down' English, I would be most appreciative!!!

Happy Monday all!


  1. I can see why you are hurrying Christmas along. But isn't that what it is all about, being with family. I would be the same as you.
    The candy poppers video is a video I made on how to make them. :)
    It is on my blog.

  2. When you buy several items from the same eBay seller you ALWAYS want to wait until they send you an invoice. There isn't a way for you to combine everything on your end. There are several places where you can request your total, but that is too hard to explain here. The seller should send you a combined invoice on their own.